A new start

So, here we are, at a new start. An important moment for us, as this webpage obtains its final form and gets published on the web. So let’s say a few words about us.

We are Aris and Costas, or Costas and Aris, Arte and Cinematica or Cinematica and Arte…

We originate from quite different fields: Aris as a journalist has served the television industry for several years, whereas Costas has a scientific background and a long experience in the financial sector. However, for many years now, we both share a common passion for photography and video. We have a similar aesthetic approach regarding still images, a great interest in vintage photography lenses, but also a common view regarding storytelling with moving images. We also both have a preference for spicy food, but this is out of the scope of this website... smiley

Apart from the clear reference to the art of moving images, the brand name of Arte Cinematica, includes the initials of our names. This is how the whole concept started, about a year ago.

We are lovers of simplicity. Simple is beautiful and less is more, as is often said. In our work, photography or video, you will not find any attempt to impress by using heavy visual effects or transitions. We avoid any unnecessary and lengthy references in our storytelling. Therefore, we focus on content with an enthusiast approach and we strive to provide a result that combines harmonically a distinctive visual character with pure emotion.

Our strong involvement with several, different, fields of photography and cinematography allows us to have a multilateral approach and a different perception, which, in turn, enable us to enrich with new ideas visual sectors that may have been "static" for many years.

But, in the end, you will be the one to judge if we succeed at this task...

If you like the quality of our work, and find that our approach is interesting, contact us to organize a meeting to design a custom visual solution tailored to your needs, and let us tell your story. We also suggest that you subscribe to our mailing list in order to receive our updates and offers, but also to connect with us on the Social Media. Last, don't forget to enter our contest to win a fully professional studio photoshooting for free.

Before finishing this first post, we would like to heartily thank our friend Thodoris Karkoulis from re.compile that was responsible for the development of this website and has supported its’ design.

We hope to have a great new start, and see you soon on this blog…