Touch the Rainbow | Kevin - Vanna | Iceland Elopement

Kevin and Vanna travelled all the way from Florida US to exchange their vows in South Iceland. We have had the pleasure to film their story alongside the elopement photographer Stephanie Zakas from the US and what an unforgettable adventure this has been! We headed out in Hnappavellir with a lovely winter sunshine in the morning but had to cancel plans of traveling east because of a blizzard alert that was expected to hit the whole island during the day. We moved west along the South coast, driving away from the storm that was slowly pushing in on us. Things changed very quickly during the day and we decided to pull over to a unique landscape close to the basalt stones ground of Kirkjugólf, a protected natural monument. The couple exchanged their vows on a secret little hill that we have discovered on spot. It was very cold with subzero temperature and with clouds and wind starting to become very threatening... The couple were very brave to cope with the cold and seal the deal with their personal vows. The whole experience has been an amazing adventure that we were all happy to share with each other. That’s why we love filming intimate and adventurous weddings and elopements. Outside of protocols and stereotypes, the couple is free to express their love and raw emotions making each and every event personal and unique. As every love story should be...
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