Time | Wedding Showreel 2018

This short film is about the concept of time. Is time an illusion? Do multiple realities exist in the present? Is time even real? Can we freeze it or travel backwards to relive the moments? In our conventional way of thinking and within our finite conception of reality, our perception is that events are ephemeral. But when we experience the strongest of emotions we may feel momentarily that we can reach eternity.

When we craft our wedding films we see this as a possible way to make this feeling somewhat timeless. One moment can be so short, but at the same time one single moment can contain an infinite sequence of events and feelings...

This is our Wedding Showreel for 2018. A collection of our "best" moments, combined together to tell another story. A bit of our own story.

We want to start out by saying we are so grateful for the opportunities 2018 gave us. Having the chance to be Elopement Photographers / Videographers in Greece, Italy and Iceland AND Destination Wedding Photographers and videographers in Greece, Europe and around the world is a DREAM, and we are so lucky. 2018 has been a blast for Arte Cinematica Destination Wedding Documentaries. We have met new people, and lived unforgettable moments. Embarked on 18 planes and missed twice our flights (yes shit happens). Our work has brought us to travel to 6 countries in two different continents and to meet new cultures and ways of life. We have organized the first Caldera Workshop for professional photographers and filmmakers in Santorini and it has been a life changing experience. The second workshop for 2019 is already almost sold out. We have received more than 30 awards from international film festivals and a few more from the most important professional associations. The year has ended in the best possible way by receiving 2 Golden Lens awards and being elected as International Videomakers of the Year from Inspiration Photographers. We would like to thank all our couples for their trust, love, friendship and support and wish from the bottom of our hearts a prosperous and creative year full of good surprises amazing discoveries and unique experiences.
Contact us today if you want us to make your story timeless with one of our films.
Big hug, lots of love ❤️
Kostas & Aris

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